Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An important message from the Urbee Team


2011 turned out to be quite a year for Urbee! We'd like to thank those that provided their support, and those who continue to help us move this project forward. 2012 should prove to be another great year for Urbee.

Here's a summary of what has been accomplished ... so far

1. This unique car began with designers and a vision :

2. X-Prize boosted this project into the public sphere :

3. At SEMA 2010, media attention on Urbee went viral :

4. The 3-D printed body became big news, worldwide :

The Economist, February 12th-18th, 2011

5. Urbee became 'One Great Idea' at GreenBiz in Chicago :

GreenBiz Video 2011/11/09
How Futuristic Environmental Design Idea Became Reality

6. Urbee was quite a hit at the RAPID Show in Minneapolis :

 7. Stratasys CEO, Scott Crump, came to meet the Team :

 8. At TEDx Winnipeg, Urbee's finished body was unveiled ... where it again attracted worldwide attention:

TEDx Winnipeg
The Rational Car for the 20th Century

9. Urbee finally became a 'real car' going down the road :... shown here, running at Birds
Hill Park, near Winnipeg :

YouTube Video
Urbee Test Drive, 2011

10. CTV National News called Urbee one 'Great Story' :

Seamus O'Regan and Jim Kor ... I'm in the background

10. And, Urbee flew to Germany to attend Euromold:

That's how 2011 unfolded.


Urbee was featured by : CNN, BBC, Top Gear, CBC, CTV, CJOB, and many more.

... just Google 'Urbee' to see the global interest in this car.

Urbee has just returned from Europe, and is now safely back in our shop on Erin Street.

Work continues on the car.

This winter we plan to drive Urbee during one of our worst Winnipeg snow storms, ... to demonstrate that Urbee can also be a great winter car!

Stay tuned. There's much more to come from Urbee in 2012.

This project continues to attract some of the best talent in the world, as we prepare to design and build a second vehicle :

Cheers, from the entire Urbee Team KOR EcoLogic Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

January, 2012

One final thing, ... we hope your Christmas was Merry:

Ours was.

Tilde Lemniscate,
The Urbee Car ... Team

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Urbee Photos by Mrs. McFarlane

Mrs. McFarlane (a misses of one of the Urbee Team members - YES ENGINEERS CAN MARRY!) offered to do some photos of the Urbee model for us. We needed help with marketing the Urbee Car project. Its hard to draw up interest with only drawings and CAD renderings. People like to see, touch and eventually test drive a car before they buy it or invest in it. Its the second or third largest expense in someones life and Warren Buffet says that a car company may be the worst investment to put your money into.

You most certainly would want to see a car before you buy it. Companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini their word is gold platinum and can get interest (read as money) before the first bolt is brought to the assembly line and their cars put into production. Companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini have a history of delivering on what they promise. Their market is ready to buy the product before its built. Imagine having a business and knowing your market is ready to buy your product.

A couple of reviews would be nice to see as well. We still don't have a running prototype that you can drive. There is an amazing amount of paperwork, travel and interviews we are doing to build interest in the project. All this takes away from actually turning a wrench and doing something to build the car.

The chassis is currently hanging from the roof of the shop waiting for the body panels to be mounted. Having seen the 3D printed scale model of the Urbee Mrs. McFarlane thought that there was something here that could work in a photo and give people a better idea of what we are building. A photo is a seed to spark the imagination. And WOW did she do a fantastic job for us.

To see the other photographic work done by Dana McFarlane check out

Mrs. McFarlane the pictures are AWESOME!

Thank you very much!!

From The Whole Urbee Team :D

Used for the photos is Urbee scale model (as seen on CNN) which was printed for us by Stratsys. The CAD files used to make the scale model are the exact same files used to 3D print the full scale body panels which we are mounting on the chassis now. The model was assembled and painted by David Bernhard Design.

John Vukelic